Professional Coordinating Services



My job is to help you handle all the craziness and stress that weddings can bring! These meetings will cover wedding details and inform you about normal wedding protocol, as well as walk you through how to add personal touches.  You will dictate what we discuss, such as photographers, flowers, budget, caterers, venue, ceremony layout, etc., and I will help you stay on schedule with your planning. Meetings will be roughly 2 hours long.



I will handle the rehearsal evening so you don’t have to! I will guide everyone in how the wedding day will proceed, making sure everyone is ready for your wedding day. We want to ensure that you both feel as comfortable as possible from beginning to end. Typically rehearsals run 1 hour long. 



My job for this beautiful day is to make sure it goes as you envisioned. My team and I will arrive roughly 2 hours before the ceremony and stay for 8 hours. This gives us plenty of time to see you through your big day. We will make sure all vendors are set and ready to go. My team and I will carry out all we have discussed in our meetings. We are here to serve you and to make sure your day is as beautiful as you!


Standard Package

~ Three Personal Meetings

~Rehearsal Coordinating

~Day-of Coordinating

~Availability for call, email, or text. 

~Office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

In-depth Package

~ Five Personal Meetings

~Rehearsal Coordinating

~Day-of Coordinating

~Availability for call, email, or text.  

~Office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Day of Coordinating

~ One meet & greet meeting to get to know each-other.

~ One meeting approximately two weeks before the wedding.  

~ Rehearsal Coordinating 

~ Day of Coordinating 

Custom Package

~In this package, we will discuss your specific needs. You can choose what you want, and together we will create a plan that makes sure your wedding coordinating is easy and fun. Let's do this together!